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Neighbourhood Plan

Wetheral Parish Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council decided to designate the Parish of Wetheral for a Neighbourhood Plan which would have policies along side those in the Carlisle & District Local Plan 2015-30, the plan would not prevent development but could influence future development.

Initial Objectives


  • To ensure expansion and development of settlements is sustainable and proportionately balanced.
  • To ensure new development is of high quality design, is built to a high sustainability standard and reinforces local distinctiveness.


  • To locate such development that current problems with traffic, congestion, parking and road safety are not exacerbated, but if possible reduced.
  • To link all developments to village centres with footpaths and cycle ways.
  • To reduce the need to travel by car.
  • Schools?


  • To seek opportunities for landscape, recreational and environmental gain, whilst minimising the environmental of new development.
  • To protect, enhance and conserve the Parish’s open spaces, historic environment, landscapes and views.
  • To preserve high quality agricultural land.


  • To enhance the prospects for local employment
  • To enhance and support local services.
  • To ensure access to high speed broadband (or equivalent)


  • To maintain the character and vitality of our villages.
  • To preserve important community assets.
  • To protect our historic and natural environment (list to be drawn up)

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